Many Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members and veterans have reported ongoing mental illness issues, leading to substance abuse. A survey from Stats Canada revealed that  44% of CAF and veteran participants experienced symptoms consistent with depression or an anxiety disorder, and 25% of participants reported symptoms consistent with both. These findings indicate that CAF members and veterans struggle with mental health disorders such as Depression, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and social phobias. Many of these mental illnesses can lead to increased substance abuse and decreased life quality.

During their time of service, many CAF members are separated from their loved ones for prolonged periods. They are experiencing high levels of stress from traumatic situations that the average person does not share. Constant exposure to stressful and traumatic situations can manifest into “shell-shock” or battle fatigue.  The combination of isolation from loved ones and pressure from the job leads to mental health struggles from those currently participating in the Military. At the same time, many veterans report that they have a difficult transition to civilian life. The effort to adapt back into civilian life can make many feel alone. Veterans can feel detached when military members with shared experiences no longer surround them. Additionally, their education and workplace skills may require retooling – leading to post-service career disappointment. It is hardly surprising then that 1 in 6 veterans are affected by mental health issues or alcoholism. The challenges of reintegrating into society cause a vicious cycle, leading to heightened mental health struggles and substance abuse issues.

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