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Our Difference

A Program Powered by Professionals

Our Medical Detox Program has been designed to treat men suffering from addiction, anxiety, depression, and trauma through evidence-based modalities. Our program offers a variety of interventions meant to address biological, psychological, and social factors are provided by a multidisciplinary team of practitioners.

Our small intake ratio allows for
personalized care and treatment.

Renova Addiction Program

Medical Detox and Withdrawal

Renova Addiction Program will offer medical supervision, use of medications such as suboxone, methadone and benzodiazepines during the withdrawal management process and recovery treatment whether is needed.

The goal of medical detox is to ensure a safe recovery and minimize discomfort. Renova’s medical doctors are highly qualified and have vast knowledge and practice in the substance use disorder field.

Detoxification from certain substances can carry serious health complications and having a medically assisted detox helps create a safe foundation to begin recovery.

Withdrawal symptoms may cause mild, moderate or serious health complications. Those symptoms typically end after a couple of days, especially when a medical professional oversees the detox process.

Some substances such as opiates can lead to prolonged withdrawal. Moreover, the pain could last for months and sometimes up to a year.

There is strong evidence to suggest that the brain itself takes approximately 14 months to heal. Thus, it is vital to incorporate a clinical team to help the client to determine which barriers must be addressed in his recovery treatment.

Furthermore, a solid foundation regarding family members, work, education, legal aspects and finances issues will support a long time recovery which is necessary to decrease significantly the chances of relapse.

Meet the Team

Medical Detox Specialists

Our team of specialists has conclusive data and rigorous studies that ensure that the Renova medical detox program is amongst the most comprehensive treatment for addiction in the world.

Dayana Romero

Registered Psychotherapist

Richard Piekarczyk-Vacca

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Brianna Cunningham

Registered Social Worker